Eat Healthy

Higher Levels of Protein

We all know that legumes are loaded with protein. But did you know that sprouted legumes contain even more? Protein is such an important element of a healthy balanced diet. And sprouted legumes deliver it without the fat and cholesterol found in other protein sources. Just to give you an idea, the ratio of protein to calorie consumption is much higher in sprouts than in what is found in animal protein. Get all the benefits and none of the drawbacks.

More of the all the good stuff

The exact content varies from each legume type, but you’ll find higher quantities of almost all (if not all) nutritional values. You’ll get more vitamins, including iron, zinc, vitamin B and C, more dietary fiber along with important enzymes. And the added benefit is that your body will absorb them better. Research shows that the germination process actually makes it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients sprouted legumes contain.

Less Carbs!

As mentioned above, the sprouting process increases protein levels. At the same time it also decreases carbohydrate levels. This is an important benefit for anyone with blood sugar issues or working on weight loss. Our bodies convert carbs to sugar, elevating their levels in our bodies. And we all know that less sugar is simply much healthier.

Easy to Digest

Beans can wreak havoc on the stomach and cause intestinal gas. In case you’ve wonder why, here’s the reason: complex sugars in legumes can’t be absorbed by the intestines and thus are consumed by gut flora instead – causing all the ‘rumbling’. With sprouted legumes though, many of these sugars are broken down during the sprouting process making sprouted legumes far more digestible and quieter.