About Nature Sprouts

So why haven’t we all been eating them more?

Now you can. Up until now, you either had to sprout your own legumes (beans) or buy them fresh. Unfortunately, both options aren’t always ideal. Time consuming and expensive due to waste, mainly the very nutrition conscious took advantage of sprouted legumes’ amazing benefits. All of that has changed.

Through extensive research, the makers of Nature Sprouts have discovered a method to freeze sprouted legumes so that they retain maximum nutritional value along with their natural structure and state. This proprietary process, only available from Nature Sprouts, makes them conveniently available to everyone. No need to soak or sprout on your own, Nature Sprouts does it for you.

More good news – sprouts are digestion friendly!

Legumes are famously known for inducing certain digestive ‘issues’. So here’s some more good news about eating them sprouted. Not only does the sprouting process boost nutritional values, it also breakdowns the very enzymes that cause these issues. So go ahead and eat Nature Sprouts without worry – they’re good for your body and they’ll behave nicely.

Always at their peak

We often hear how frozen vegetables can contain more nutritional value than their fresh counterparts. And that’s because as fruits and vegetables ripen, their nutritional values also breakdown. The freezing process locks in produce at their peak so that you get maximum nutritional values. With sprouted legumes the same holds true. Nature Sprouts provides you with the optimal benefits day-after-day without losing freshness.

No more waste!

Sprouts of all kinds have a rapid ripening process. When purchased fresh they don’t last long and as a result are often wasted. With Nature Sprouts, you’ll use be able to use them over time and throughout the week as you nourish yourself and family with their enriching values. Always fresh and always ready.

Planning ahead not required.

All of the sudden you get a craving for a nice bean soup or some hummus dip or a salad rich in sprouts. Or maybe you just were too busy to plan tomorrow’s meals. No worries, with Nature Sprouts, you don’t need to soak them or boil them for hours. They’re ready for cooking right from the bag. Use what you need and save the rest for later.